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Are you aware that the future of Ferney is hanging in the balance? The town planning scheme is open for public consultation at the Mairie de Ferney (2″ floor) until 10 May. You should be aware of the following key points of concern before making your comments:

* There are plans to eliminate the parking lot as well as the surrounding green areas between Carrefour Market and the Avenue de Bijou to make way for a cultural centre, cinema and two apartment blocks!

* Two of Ferney’s last remaining green meadows -Paimboeuf and Très La Grange, situated between the Buffalo Grill and the Bisou/Rue de Meyrin junction – are to be bulldozed (at an indeterminate future) in favour of 1,500 new homes, entail¬ing an increased population of between 3,000 and 5,000!

* The low-cost (HLM) apartments on the Rue de Versoix are to be demolished and replaced by more comfortable and energy-saving flats which will be too expensive for the families, mostly on modest incomes, who have lived there most of their lives!

* Although the Ferney cemetery is now almost full, the new plan proposes to use adjacent land not to expand the cemetery but to build nine new apartment blocks and a connecting road to the Allée du Château. Ferney residents wishing to be buried there will have to look elsewhere!

* It is not too late to act!! Every resident of Ferney, and every association, has the right to express comments in writing on the register at the Mairie, or by letter to the Commissaire Enquêteur, until 10 May.

For more information, please contact the Ferney residents’ group « Ferney-dans-la-rue », 15 avenue du Jura, 01210 Ferney-Voltaire, tel: 06 42 77 56 11



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